Event Overview

The advent of digitization among the countries of the Middle East has increased the growing exposure to the risk of cyber-attacks. Governments and authorities in Oman and the Middle East have now directed their focus towards cybersecurity, releasing cybersecurity frameworks and mandating country-specific regulatory policies emphasizing the need to have efficient monitoring and detection in place. IT security and tech sector are developing cutting-edge solutions, sharing insights with industry experts and equipping themselves with the right tools to protect their businesses from rapidly-evolving cyber attackers. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and threatening to affect global organizations in their day to day activities.

In order to develop a framework to improve critical infrastructure cybersecurity, all business entities need to continually identify cybersecurity loop holes, create a robust cyber protection blueprint, combat evolving cyber attacks and sustain the effects and adversities of Cybersecurity risk management. This will enable and ensure overall efficiency in Cybersecurity and help develop a comprehensive and globally viable view of how technology affects our daily existence in reshaping our economic, social, cultural and work environments.

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Instead of being trapped within linear traditional thinking or being excessively absorbed by cyber crisis, it is imperative that we think strategically about the forces of digital disruption that can aid in effective cyber well-being.

National Cybersecurity Week Oman which is organized by Oman National CERT in cooperation with ITU Arab Regional Cybersecurity Center (ITU-ARCC), scheduled to take place between 25 – 27 February 2019 at Sheraton Oman Hotel in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, aims to create a platform for all stakeholders to discuss and help organizations develop a real-time response and recovery, to ever increasing cyber threats.

The two-day conference aims to engage the most promising and emerging regional & global firms, from critical national infrastructure sectors including: Energy & Utilities, Defense & Aviation, Financial Institutions, Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Government Institutions. The event format will feature keynote presentations, case studies, panel discussions and technology demos. This conference will followed by the Government Cyber Drill which will take place on 27 February 2019 at the Sheraton Oman Hotel.

The main objective of the cyber drill is to enhance the communication and incident response capabilities of the participating teams as well as to ensure a continued collective effort in mitigating cyber threats among the Incident Response Teams and Security Operation Centers (SOCs).

Why Attend?

Critically analyze

The current and future cybersecurity framework and workforce for your organization.

Understand technical

Measures in analyzing the damages incurred by cyber threats and cybercrimes.

Integrate early

Warning systems to identify potential threats and optimize effective monitoring and system integrity.

Identify and analyze

The scope, challenges and benefits of an efficient cyber security infrastructure.

Develop state-of-the-art

Cybersecurity management systems to avert risk, threats and losses.

Discuss and discover

Enhanced cybersecurity structures, Operational policies, Data Protection and Legal Regulations.

Learn about integrating

Cybersecurity risk management practices, latest cybersecurity techniques, disaster recovery patterns and how to secure critical data.

Overcome current

And future challenges in the field of cybersecurity through case studies and success stories that show how organizations successfully overcame cyber-attacks and cybercrime.

Discover innovative

Methodologies to keep your organization safe from cybercrime and data theft.

Who Should Attend?

The National Cyber Week will be an ideal platform for key personnel and decision makers from various industries working in the field of intuitive technologies and progressive cyber safety. The National Cyber Week attendees will include:


  • President / CEO / MD
  • Director
  • Engineer
  • Head of IT and Cybersecurity
  • SVP / VP
  • Technical Specialists / Architects
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • C-Level
  • Chief Information Officer

Key Highlights

Exploring cybercrime

and policy frameworks designed to prevent the cyber threats.

Understanding risks

and opportunities of smart machines, IoT, Blockchain, etc.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

to enable a smart transformation environment.

Effectively managing

and improving security with a collaborative core business approach.

Analyzing cloud

storage and emerging virtual technology security technologies.

Discovering best practice

emergency response to a crisis and coordination between security agencies and government departments.

Sponsor Benefits

  • One on One Interactions
  • Keynote Addresses and Panel Discussions
  • Dedicated Networking Spaces
  • Demos and Presentations
  • Technology Exhibitions and Demonstrations
  • Open Debates and Interactive Dialogues
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National Cyber Week 2018

Eng. Badar Alsalehi

Director General – Oman National CERT & Head of ITU Regional Cyber Security Center, Oman


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